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Etsy vs eCommerce: Crafting Your Business

Written by Vena Carr, Craft NB Marketing Manager You’re a local fine craft rock star! At one point in your life, you developed a passion for your craft and all of your friends and family encouraged you to turn that passion into a career. So, you become a slave to your...

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Doubting Myself: Insecurities as an Artist

Written by Izabell Fagan After years of working in finance and regulatory, travelling to hearings, writing pages and pages of evidence, responding to interrogatories by the hundreds, I have found something that frees me from the constraints of “institutional” think...

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New Website!

Hello and welcome to our new website! If you are a market member we ask that you please update your profile and fill it with beautiful images and information as soon as possible so that our new website can serve you in the best way possible and so we can connect you...

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