Craft NB is seeking a curator for its Biennale exhibition titled Unboxed: Shared Human Experiences. 



Craft NB is excited to announce an upcoming art exhibition titled “Unboxed: Shared Human Experiences.” This exhibition aims to transcend the boundaries that divide us, inviting us to see beyond the boxes, labels, and stereotypes that so often separate humanity.



“Unboxed” is a jubilant celebration of diversity, a heartfelt recognition of our shared experiences, and a resounding call to embrace empathy and understanding. We collectively weave our identity, irrespective of age, color, creed, race, sexual orientation, gender, or any other label that society might place upon us.



Our journey extends beyond the confines of our own experiences and into the very planet we call home. Climate change knows no boundaries, and its impacts are disproportionately felt by disenfranchised populations. In this exhibition, we not only break down the barriers that divide us as humans but also envision a world where we unite to confront the pressing challenge of climate change.



As we celebrate diversity, let us also celebrate the strength that comes from unity. We recognize that marginalized communities often bear the brunt of environmental crises, and it is our moral duty to give them a voice in the fight for a sustainable future.



“Unboxed” serves as a poignant reminder that we are all threads in the same tapestry. Each thread is unique and valuable, contributing to the rich and intricate fabric of humanity. In embracing the full spectrum of human identity, we celebrate our shared humanity.



We are seeking a passionate and driven curator who shares our vision and is passionate about promoting diversity, empathy, and sustainability. If you are interested in this opportunity, please submit your application by Nov 13, 2023. We look forward to hearing from you.



The tentative timeline of the exhibition is:



Nov 13, 2023: Curator application deadline



Nov 21, 2023: Curator chosen



Dec 18, 2023: Call for artists 



Mar 13, 2024: Submission of artist statements, bios, and photographs of work intended for the exhibition



Mar 16/18, 2024: Curator selects work to call for submission



Mar 20, 2024: Call for shortlisted work to be submitted



April 10, 2024: Submission of work deadline



April 13, 2024: Final work selected for the Exhibition



April 17, 2024: Photographs of works selected to be shared with poets



Sept 1st, 2024: Exhibition opens



Spring 2025: Exhibition ends 



The curator’s responsibilities include:



  • Aid in preparing call for artists
  • Choose the participating work, first submission through photographs then later selecting actual works submitted, refer to above timeline
  • Gather and edit artist statements.
  • Aid in photography selection
  • Provide information for promotional materials
  • Promote the exhibitions and share the information through social media platforms.
  • Be available for media interviews..
  • Design exhibition layout for each of the venues, aim is to travel to at least 3-4 galleries across the province.
  • Aid in the installation and transportation of work
  • Provide an opening speech at each exhibition opening.
  • Assist with tear-down and transport of pieces from one location to the next
  • Provide information for the written report. 



To apply for this position please send the following to



  • Cover Letter & Curriculum Vitae 
  • Artist statement(s) and/or bio/profile 
  • A brief statement on the theme “Unboxed-Shared Human experiences” 



The curator will receive a fee of $3000



                             Application Due Date: Nov13th, 2023 by midnight.



 To apply for this position Please send the following documents to