Craig Shneider named as curator for Craft NB’s 2024-2025 biennale juried member gallery exhibition themed “UNBOXED: Shared human experiences.”

We are delighted to announce that Craig Shneider has been chosen as our curator for the 2024-2025 biennale gallery exhibition! Craig comes to us with his many years of teaching experience and kind nature, this year’s exhibition will be a rich and inspiring experience that is not to be missed!

Message from our curator:

“We live in a time that actively engages the recognition of identity and inclusion. As a tool of helping to structure awareness and inclusion we may have fallen into the approach and attitude of “ticking the boxes” of our collective society. Is it possible that this creates an unintended form of alienation and isolation? Though included officially, are we just creating further separation by identifying differences rather than our fundamental humanity? Where is the ‘belongingness’ of the checking- the-box society? How do we include the good intentions of inclusion with the need for a stronger sense of belongingness? Belongingness, before the individuation of identity. Before the need for the identity of the individual, what of the inclusive fundamental recognition of
our humanity? Perhaps it has something to do with recognizing our ‘common ground’ and our fundamental value. As it is found in the developing view that the ecosystem is entitled to legal personhood status. Equal value, belonging, integral part of, essential… .
Recognizing the fundamental value of the parts of the whole, and the whole, an expression of belongingness.
Unboxed is a call of celebration of our fundamental belongingness to each other and to
the earth, and the belongingness of the earth to each other and ourselves.”


Craig Schneider was the Coordinating Instructor for the Advanced Studio Practice Certificate program. He built this program from the ground up in 2005, using his unique skillset to support the launching of careers in fine craft & design.

Craig is trained as a studio potter. He was the Coordinating Instructor for Ceramics at NBCCD during the 1980s, after which he spent three years in Zambia teaching self-sufficiency based pottery production with locally-made equipment and materials.

He has recently been the recipient of an artsnb Creation Grant, during which he released shallow, gold-leafed bowls into the stream at Sission Brook, a project which also included videography. His work, “Wolastokuk,” made of handmade ceramic tile, is featured on a full wall of the Fredericton Convention Centre.  He has participated in numerous exhibitions and residencies including a recent four-person show at the Saint John Arts Centre, and a Fredericton Arts Alliance Residency. Craig has worked with Craft NB in 2019 as Curator for Beneath the surface project.

Call for Artist Submissions for Unboxed: Human shared experiences coming soon! Stay tuned.