About the Organisation

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New Brunswick craft creates a spark that awakens the imagination in daily life.

Regular Craft NB activities include sales and festivals, tradeshows, exhibitions and publications, awards, lectures, residency programs, jurying and standards and workshops. Craft NB seeks to be present in communities throughout the province and partners with various cultural and community organisations such as the Craft Alliance, the Canadian Craft Federation, the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, ArtsLink, Arts NB, the NB Craft Foundation Inc and the Province of New Brunswick’s Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture.

Craft NB is the oldest provincial crafts council in the country.

Its inception began in the 1950’s, and it has provided service to its members for over fifty years. In 1964, the Council was known as the Handicrafts Association and upon incorporation in 1980 officially became the New Brunswick Crafts Council Inc. In 2016 we changed our name to Craft NB / Métiers d’art NB. Then, the organisation was located on Victoria Street in the Rabbit Town area of Fredericton, NB.

When hit with unpresecedented times due to COVID-19 outbreak, 2020 saw big changes that rippled through the whole country and beyond on how arts organisations must pivot and change directions to better sever our members and the community. Nimble on our feet, Craft NB staff took to working remotely and working hard and diligently to help members navigate the new world post-COVID-19.

Craft NB continues to seek out new ways to support its members and promote the value of fine craft to local, national and global markets.

Craft NB is committed to working collaboratively with provincial and national organisations

National and Regional Craft Organizations and Institutions

Craft Alliance Atlantic


This organization’s structure is a great example of how government and industry partners can work together on a pan-Atlantic basis for the benefit of the craft sector in Atlantic Canada. Yearly programming partnering Craft NB, The New Brunswick Government, and Craft Alliance includes the New Brunswick Artisans Nouveau-Brunswick Booth at the Atlantic Craft and Trade Show; the opportunity for export-ready companies to participate in the New York Now tradeshow and the Toronto One of a Kind show, as well as various educational missions such as visiting SOFA Chicago and SURTEX in New York. This type of activity not only provides training and sector growth, but also infuses the local craft community with inspiration and a global perspective on aesthetics, design and export practices.



In recent years, serious effort has been made to reinvigorate and strengthen the relationship between Craft NB and the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design (NBCCD). Craft NB aims to have at least one representative from the College on its Board of Directors each year to encourage the ebb and flow of information and resources and to foster a strong and meaningful relationship between the two organization. Frequent visits and talks with students, a discounted student membership, workshop discounts, and invitations to apply to Craft NB programs are all a part of the offerings to current students. During their final year at NBCCD students are encouraged to apply for juried status with Craft NB and once these students has graduated from the college it is a natural progression for them to become more involved in Craft NB’s programs and turn to the organization for support and guidance.

Canadian Crafts Federation


The Canadian Crafts Federation (CCF) is a national arts service organization which represents and connects all provincial and territorial crafts councils. Together these organizations work on national initiatives to strengthen the appreciation and presence of Canadian fine craft within the country as well as internationally. Each year Craft NB staff members attend a national conference to discuss the joint Citizens of Craft movement as well as various other national and international projects. Currently Craft NB Communications Manager, Andrea Turcotte sits on the national marketing committee for the CCF, and Executive Director, Alison Murphy works closely with the organization on various initiatives to keep New Brunswick a strong voice in the national and international craft scene.

Provincial and Territorial Craft Councils

Craft Council of BC

Email: info@craftcouncilbc.ca
Web Site: www.craftcouncilbc.ca

Saskatchewan Craft Council

Email: saskcraftcouncil@sasktel.net
Web Site: www.saskcraftcouncil.org

Craft Ontario

Email: info@craftontario.com
Web Site: www.craftontario.com

PEI Crafts Council

Email: info@peicraftscouncil.com
Web Site: www.peicraftscouncil.com

Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association

Email: arts@nunanet.com
Web Site: www.nacaarts.org

Alberta Craft Council

Email: acc@albertacraft.ab.ca
Web Site: www.albertacraft.ab.ca

Manitoba Craft Council

Email: mcc@mymts.net
Web Site: www.manitobacrafts.ca

Conseil des métiers d’art du Quebec

Email: cmaq@metiers-d-art.qc.ca
Web Site: www.metiers-d-art.qc.ca

Craft Nova Scotia

Email: office@nsdcc.ns.ca
Web Site: www.craftnovascotia.ca

Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador

Email: info@craftcouncil.nl.ca
Web Site: www.craftcouncil.nl.ca

Yukon Art Society

Email: admin@artsunderground.ca
Web Site: www.artsunderground.ca