Online Exhibition Catalogue

Curated by Vicky Lentz, Conversations will debuted from October 20th to November 17th, 2018 at the Andrew & Laura McCain Art Gallery.

Conversations featured 23 artists: Kimberly Bent, Jacqueline Bourque, Allison Green, Alison Murphy, Deborah Payne, Keri Ryan, Katrina Isbill-Floyd, Izabell Fagan, Denise Violette Michaud, Emily McCumber, Ghita Levin, Gudi Pach, Joe Pach, Jamie Brown, Karen Knight, Karen LeBlanc, Lois McDonald-Layden, Megan Billings, Ralph Simpson, William Robinson, Ted Boothroyd, Charline Collette and Maja Padrov. Each artist explored their own interpretation of the exhibition’s title and theme. Conversations is but just a small sample of the kinds of dialogue we as humans take part in — between friends, family, and even within yourself. Subjects range from lighthearted, playful chit-chat to poignant admissions, such as Jacqueline Bourque’s submission titled I’m sorry.

The show featured a rich and diverse range of craft mediums. The hand works in tandem with mind: Each and every piece is unique and has its own story to tell. Carefully carved from wood, the details of Ted Boothroyd’s Snowy Owls speaks to the meticulous and careful dialogue between maker and work. The exhibition will also include a side solo exhibition, titled A Conversation with Katrina. A Conversation with Katrina features the work of Katrina Isbill-Floyd, aka Bella McBride. Katrina is a skilled artisan who accidentally found needle felting at a young age and ultimately turned it into her passion in life.

We would like to thank our Juried Members, supporters and the New Brunswick community for their continued support! Photography by Shilo MacCavour.


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