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Work by : Kim Bent

Call for Curator

Craft NB and Fundy National Park ( FNP ) are pleased to host Beneath the Surface, a weeklong artist residency in the park resulting in a professionally curated touring exhibition. The exhibition will feature installation based works installed outdoors in the hosting Parks. These works will be developed by the participating residency artists based on their time in Fundy National Park. The curator/mentor will not only select the works for inclusion, but will be instrumental in guiding and mentoring artists as they produce their pieces for consideration. The exhibition will open in the spring of 2023 and tour throughout the year.

Deadline for submissions: August 1, 2022 by midnight.

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Jurying sessions typically happen twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. The drop-off deadline for the fall jurying session is September 9 at noon. Please contact Emily at with any questions you may have about jurying!

Jury Sessions occur twice yearly, at the beginning of the new year and in the fall! Apply to become a part of a local community of professional craftspeople and craft enthusiasts.

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Christmas Festival 2022

We have opened registrations for our 2022 Christmas Festival!  Be part of the biggest Craft event of the  year!  The Festival will be held at the Marco Polo Cruise Terminal in Saint John again this year, on December 2, 3, and 4!

Bjorn’s Woodcarving

Artist, Writer, Educator

“I work with traditional hand tools for the lessons they contain.  Each mistake is my own and I embrace that.

When carving, there is no going back to correct a slip or blunder. Once the wood is gone, it cannot be put back. Wood is honest like that.  The mistake cannot be undone, but it can be learned from.  History is much the same. 

This is why I aim with every piece to breathe life into an ancient culture, so that its’ stories and lessons will continue to live on – that we can not only celebrate its’ successes, but also learn from its’ failures.”

– Timothy ‘Bjorn’ Jones

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