Our Members Are professional Craft Artisans, Students of Craft & Those who Champion high quality, local & Handmade 

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Who We Are...

Craft NB is the oldest Canadian provincial crafts council, and we offer a variety of memberships for the craft enthusiast, the professional craftsperson, students, and emerging artisans. We are a tight-knit team of Directors and Staff working together to provide opportunities and projects that support professional craftspeople in New Brunswick.


Our Mission

Craft NB is dedicated to fostering a vibrant community centered around the transformative potential of creativity. Our mission is to educate, empower, and champion the enduring cultural importance of fine craft as an integral aspect of life in New Brunswick.

Through advocacy, support, and celebration, we aim to preserve and elevate the rich heritage and contemporary relevance of craft, ensuring its enduring legacy for generations to come.



Foundational Pillars

Craft NB operates on a series of foundational pillars. These five pillars inform our decision-making, engagement opportunities, programs and services throughout the organization. We invite you to learn more about our operations by reading our 2024-2027 Strategic Pivot Plan.

Want to become Juried Member

of Craft NB?

Jurying sessions typically happen twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. The drop-off deadline for the next session of jurying is June 10th to 14th, 2024. Please contact Kate Hunter (events@craftnb.ca) with any questions you may have about jurying, and to set up a time for drop-off!

Please note that our in-office hours may change week-to-week, so setting up a time for drop-off is necessary.

 Apply to become a part of a local community of professional craftspeople and craft enthusiasts.

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As a General Member, joining Craft NB entitles you to participate in the cultural heritage of our province at a fundamental level.


You will have access to the community of active professional craftspeople, their events, exhibitions, workshops and information sources. You can receive discounts and free passes and add your voice to the decision making processes that guide this longstanding tradition of authenticity and integrity which life in the crafts inspires.

For the professional craftsperson, joining Craft NB entitles you to participate in the cultural heritage of our province at a fundamental level.

You will become a part of a lively community of professional craftspeople and craft enthusiasts and have the opportunity to participate and engage in the events, exhibitions, workshops and information sources. By joining Craft NB you can take advantage of many membership benefits including discounts and passes, a health insurance plan designed specifically for artists, advice on funding opportunities, input on future programs and workshops, and access to various provincial, national and international opportunities

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