Juried Member Profiles

Work by / par: Deborah Payne


Honourary Members

Honourary Members are people who have greatly contributed to and have supported the growth of Craft NB over the years.

Adrienne Landry
Allan Crimmins
Avon Dobson
Basil Stead
Betty McMullin
Brigitte Clavette
Caye Stout
Charlotte Glencross
Derek Kirby
Dorothy Hoyt
Dr.Ivan Crowell
Dr.Ruth Stanley
Erica Deichmann-Gregg

Former Premier Richard Hatfield
George Fry
Gerald Arsenault
Gordon Dunphy
Holly Dobson
Iva Shore
Jan Dexter
Jeanne Taylor
Jeannette MacDonald
Jessie Andrews
Joan Shaw
Jon Sawyer
Lil Robertson

Lucie Wttewaall
Margaret Belyea
Martin Aitken
Mr. and Mrs. Clover
Nel Oudemans
Nel Walsh
Peter Hummel Newell
Peter Powning
Peter Thomas
Robert Armstrong
Sue Judah
Tiek Wood
Tom Smith
Vera Ayling
William Donaldson

A Juried Member of Craft NB is a professional level craftsperson/artist creating exceptional quality hand-made contemporary or traditional items.

Juried Members recieve a number of benefits, including: Opportunnities to sell their work at Craft NB Festivals, website profile features and more!