We’re now three months into having our own online platform!

This has been an exciting and admittedly huge learning curve for us here at Craft NB. As you’re likely aware, this is not something simply to get us through Covid times. We aspire to make this a useful, revenue generation tool for all members for years to come. 

Projects like this take time to gain momentum and become known. With that said, many sales were made before Christmas and our digital strategist was very enthusiastic about the click through rates and sales conversion numbers from our social media platforms. He has told us many times that we have out performed industry standards for fledgling online platforms. Thank you to everyone who jumped on with and got themselves set up.


What does the future of the platform look like?
We are working with our developers to continually improve the Shop and the first item on the list are improvements to make a more mobile friendly user experience. We will also be seeking out further funding to develop new marketing strategies, and with continued effort and energy we are hopeful that this will grow into a one stop shop for high quality local craft. The Province of New Brunswick is also planning a marketing campaign of their own this coming spring to promote buying local and will be focusing on craft and driving buyers to shop on our platform. 

Haven’t set up your online shop with us yet? It’s not too late!
We want you to get your store up and we’d love to have you! Now that the Christmas rush is over, why not take the time to get involved? The more members involved in this platform, the better it will become. Also a big thank you to everyone who liked, shared, reposted, and shopped with us before Christmas, please keep doing so! 

If you need any support or help with this at all, please feel free to reach out to Ali, at director@craftnb.ca. I will hand hold you though the whole process and re-send any links, set up tutorials, and information that may have gotten buried in your email inbox before Christmas.