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Craft NB staff have been keeping informed on the latest advisories issued the Government of New Brunswick concerning the COVID-19 outbreak. Starting Monday, March 16th, staff have made plans to work remotely from our homes for the next two weeks as a means to help reduce opportunities for potential exposure in our community. 

Social distancing is an integral safety measure in reducing opportunity for potential virus exposure.

If you do require a visit to the office (this includes, but not limited to: picking up exhibition pieces or jury items, delivering packages, etc.), or an in-person chat, we ask that you email us at communications@craftnb.ca beforehand to schedule a time/day.

Please note: Voicemail messages will be checked regularly: While we won’t be in the office regularly during this time, we will still be checking voicemails on the office phone regularly and will return calls as quickly as we can. If you do need to chat with any one of us and it requires immediate attention or is time-sensitive, it will be faster to send us an email directly:

A Note on Craft NB Programming:

We will be assessing the feasibility of each of our events leading up to an event’s start date to determine the best course of action based on GNB’s current health and safety guidelines.

Rest assured, we regularly work with all event venues to ensure that proper health guidelines such as proper cleaning, easy access to hand sanitizer dispensers, etc. are being followed. HOWEVER, depending on the severity of COVID-19 advisories at a given time, there will always be the possibility of event postponing or cancellations. In the event that an event is postponed or cancelled, please know that these decisions not done lightly and are made with the safety of staff, artists, vendors and the public at large in mind.

The only confirmed cancellation we have is the Craft NB Supplies + Seconds Sale that was set to occur March 21 at the Library of Craft & Design.
All other events are scheduled are still on for the moment. Please keep in mind that we will be reassessing each event as the event draws nearer and use current advisories from GNB to make decisions. You will be notified of any changes with as much notice as possible through email and social media postings.

Craft NB Staff meet weekly to regularly to discuss COVID-19 precautions and plans in respect to our events and programming. Any updates or changes to our current (but temporary) work model will be updated here and on social media.

Thank you for your understanding and patience!