Craft Year is, at it’s very core, a celebration of contemporary and traditional Canadian fine craft.

Spanning from January to December, Craft Year is a digital festival calendar that collects and promotes fine craft events from coast to coast. With humble beginnings in 2007, Craft Year gathered over 700 events from across Canada. Craft Year has since then evolved into a quinquennial (say that five times fast!) phenomenon with it’s second installment in 2015. By the end of December, Craft Year 2015 saw a resounding 20% event growth with 884 events!

Through these tracked events, a true picture of what fine craft is in Canada can be forged.

In association with the Canadian Crafts Federation and fellow provincial and territorial craft councils, Craft NB is taking strides to include our current programming and other additional events to raise awareness of craft in our communities. All craft related events are included! Whether you are hosting a gallery exhibition, a class, workshop or festival, you can help us create a more complete of what craft means in not only Canada, but in New Brunswick.

The craft community in our province is a rich and thriving entity that knows no provincial border.

Whether you are juried member, gallery, shop, or educational institution, we are calling on you for help. By creating a profile, and registering your events with Craft Year, you are increasing visibility of not only your event, but the larger craft community in New Brunswick. Show your amazing talents and efforts to the rest of Canada! The more events collected, the bigger numbers get, and the better WE can fight for YOU to give craft the attention, funding, and support it deserves.

Get started today with creating your profile!

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